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This was our first time renting from Holiday and I was truly impressed! The reservation was last minute due to my mother-in-law’s illness. This company sympathized our stress and gave us a vehicle outside our expectations! We were so grateful! Thank you Holiday Rental! We will be back on Wednesday!

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Save With Rental Club Card

- We offer discounts of 10% to Sam's Club members, Costco members, Seniors over 62 yrs old, and those in the Military.

- 5% discounts are offered to repeat customers, AARP and AAA.

- We also offer discounts for corporate accounts, so mention your place of employment to see if you qualify for a discount. Frequent renters receive points which can be used as credit toward future rentals.

For Compact & Mid Rentals
16 days = 16 punches = $25 credit.
32 days = 32 punches = $50 credit.


**Not valid during blackout dates. Mileage restrictions apply.**